Le Shape applies selective lipolysis technology at 1060nm and is the only non-invasive treatment that destroys local fat, quickly, effectively and safely. It is the ideal method: to break down the local fat, not treated with diet and exercise, and for anyone who desires to re-shape silhouette without the hassle and dangers of the surgical path.

Le Shape, has 4 independent Diode Laser handpieces, which allows the operator to have different combinations, depending on client’s needs. It is possible to treat different areas with excessive local fat, at the same treatment such as inside of the arms, the outer and inner thighs, the buttocks, the inner knees, the back, the ribs, in the calves

The current researches proved that, it is possible to destroy permanently the 24% of the subcutaneous fat layer.

Le Shape technology, increases the subcutaneous fat layer temperature around 42-47o C. It is proved that, this range of temperature can destroy permanently the adipocytes, and then are removed naturally through lymphatic system, during phagocytosis procedure.

The treatment lasts only 25 minutes. In total, the procedure takes approximately 45 minutes, including the time needed for counselling and preparation.

Number of studies indicate that in just 25 minutes, the 24% of the adipocytes can be permanently destroyed. Exceeding the time limit does not achieve greater results; on the contrary, over treating side effects may arise.

Immediately after the treatment, the natural procedure of phagocytosis is enabled and as a results the destroyed adipocytes are eliminated through lymphatic system. The phagocytosis procedure requires more than 30 days, thus a repetition of the treatment prior 30 days is not recommended. The results will be evaluated and the appropriate treatment plan will be designed.

No serious undesirable effects have been reported, however slight redness or mild discomfort in the treatment area may occurred (last for approximately 10-20 mins)

It is possible that damaged adipocytes stick to each other and create small adhesions. For immediate rehabilitation, slight massage is recommended in the application area, three times a day and during the shower. Also, the water uptake (2 liters per day), as well as the light exercise, e.g. walking, will be helpful to achieve the optimal results. Moreover, it is recommended to avoid frequent and increased fat consumption.

Le Shape treatment, offers a beautiful body shape, destroying permanently the local fat deposition. The technology targets the adipocytes and destroys them. It is therefore not affected by the person’s way of life. Of course a balanced and healthy diet always contributes to the overall effect and overall health.

La Shape is based on laser technology with emission of light at wavelength of 1060nm. This specific wavelength is characterized by a high selectivity of absorption only by adipocytes and not by surrounding tissues, nerves or hair follicles.

Le Shape uses Laser to overheat and destroy fat. The radiation is emitted periodically and not in continuous flow. At the same time, the 4 heads of the machine, are cooling down the epidermis skin with a double target: protecting the skin and eliminating the sensation caused by the heat. Of course, pain tolerance is subjective and varies from person to person, so there is the possibility of varying intensity. It is usually described as a feeling of periodical discomfort that comes and goes by waves.

Pain sensation is not an indicator of effectiveness. Pain tolerance and sensitivity vary from person to person or even at the time of mood or season. During treatment, the operator can modify the power of the laser at an increasing or decreasing rate to the point where the customer does not feel intense distress.

It is expected to have a moderate pain sensation, which is tolerable and it retreats soon.

The treatment is carried out by a qualified and adequately trained operator to prevent improper use of the equipment. In order to ensure the right application of the handpieces, there are different light sensors, detecting the improper position of the handpieces. However, if there is a suspicion of improper use the operator or the patient can terminate the treatment, using emergency switch.

The Le Shape treatment is a hands free procedure. The operator should receive patient’s medical history, the appropriate measurements and photographs based on the protocols. During the treatment, the operator check about the patient sensation and the laser power is adjusted.

In this case, the operator can decrease the power level gradually and adjust the level that patients feel comfortable, in such a way that the treatment is fully completed. However, there is always the option to break the treatment.

Due to thermal energy, Le Shape treatment leads to permanent destruction of the 24% of the fat layer. Complementary treatments like Suction RF, LPG Endermology or HIFU, are recommended to accelerate the lymphatic drainage of the dead fat cells, and obtain the optimal results

There is no recovery time and any restrictions. After completing the treatment, you can immediately return to your daily routine. In general, it is recommended to have moderate exercise and healthy eating habits.

Le Shape technology, uses laser with emission at 1060nm, which is absorbed by adipocytes. However, the intense hair density creates a barrier above the dermis, thus in order to achieve the optimal results,it is recommended to trim the area

The first results are expected to be visible during the first 2-4 weeks..

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